About US

Over 15 yrs Industry Experience

Family Owned and Operated

Speed, Convenience, Accessibility

Our Services

24 to 48hr Turn around

Speed is essential, and patient care is the top priority. By getting you the results sooner it allows you to stay a step ahead. 

Unmatched Customer Service

Days of annoying automated attendants. Waiting on hold for 20-30mins or more. Now, you have direct access to your representative.  This allows you to have immediate answers to your questions.

Customized Panels

We customize panels that you typically use. This allows you to ensure no test was accidentally left off a req form.  It also speeds up the day when the same panels are often used. 

EHR Integration

We have a system that will allow you to download patient records into your existing EHR. This is a huge convenience and saves you and your team time!